press release January 1st, 2021

Solid Polymer Solutions acquires full rights to Gardiner Compounds portfolios

Gardiner Compounds, Ltd. with head office in Launceston, Cornwall (UK) has been liquidated as a registered company and as a consequence ceased trading as per January 1st, 2021.

John Gardiner, founder and director of the company, has retired from the plastics business after 32 successful years of marketing and supplying Polycarbonate (PC) compounds and blends based on recycled raw materials.

The exclusive rights to the G-Blend and G-Lex trade marks including all associated OEM specifications and marketing agreements have been acquired by Solid Polymer Solutions, a firm based in the Netherlands and owned by Stan Verbraak.
Dr. Verbraak previously served as the Technical Manager for Gardiner Compounds.

All sales and distribution services for G-Blend and G-Lex resins will be handled exclusively by Ter Plastics Polymer Group ( with head office in Herten (D).

For all inquiries related to this announcement please contact Dr. Verbraak, e-mail or phone +31 611 2525 22 (mobile).


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